Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets? These Colors Have Staying Power

The most difficult decision to make when it comes to painting any room in the house is what color to use. This is a particularly tough call if you've decided to refresh your kitchen by painting the kitchen cabinets. Usually the most frequently used room in any home, nailing the color choice is critical as you'll want to be happy with your decision for years to come.

While it's easy to get swayed by an ever-changing palette of paint colors, you may want to consider a safer choice for your kitchen cabinets, especially if you intend to put your home on the market any time soon. Even if you're staying put in your house for the foreseeable future, you don't want your kitchen to feel dated in six months. With that in mind, the design experts at Martha Stewart point to the following shades as colors that never go out of style. 


A sophisticated color that's a cross between beige and gray, greige is a great neutral that will go with any future design changes you might make, such as new flooring or a new backsplash. Greige is also a color that leans into any design scheme, from farmhouse to contemporary. Designers emphasize that greige is highly adaptable, allowing you to make small design changes (think fixtures or countertops) to keep your kitchen on trend.


This classic hue is a great choice if you're interested in a darker color. While dark greens and charcoals might lose their design luster over the years, traditional navy will always be in style. Navy also works well with a variety of other colors and styles, so you'll be free to make additional changes without having to repaint the cabinets.


Designers agree: you can never go wrong with white cabinets. The perennial shade provides the ultimate in versatility, allowing you to play with a variety of finishes, from tile to wood to metal, and change up your overall design theme as you'd like from modern to coastal.

Sage green.

 While the spectrum of green is vast, a shade of sage is timeless. According to designers, shades like sage will never go out of style because they reflect our natural environment and, therefore, will always complement our interior design. So if you're looking for a green hue, sage might be your best bet.

Pale gray. 

Finally, designers point to light gray as an always-stylish choice for kitchen cabinets. While it emits a cooler tone than greige, pale gray gives you the flexibility of a neutral while providing a little more interest than white. Pair it with modern finishes, such as black hardware or brushed steel appliances for a modern look, or with warm tones like brass and copper to give your kitchen a more traditional feel.

As with any painting project, be sure to experiment with samples first. Paint patches of the colors you're considering on the kitchen cabinets and see how the tone shifts during the course of the day.


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