Tips for Taking the Stress Out of Travel

Nothing can ruin a much-anticipated vacation faster than a bad experience at the airport. From long lines to delays and cancellations, air travel can be fraught with problems. 

While certain situations are out of our control, there are steps travelers can take to help mitigate airport issues. So before your next trip, consider the following advice from travel insurance provider Squaremouth.


Plan for delays. 

Delays are an all too familiar aspect of travel nowadays. According to Squaremouth, roughly 25% of all paid travel insurance claims in 2023 have been related to delays and missed connections. While we're all at the mercy of changing airline schedules, you can at least protect your trip with travel delay coverage. Squaremouth says to look for policies that kick in after a 3-hour delay and covers any delay of a common carrier. 


Arrive early. 

No one can predict how busy an airport is going to be at any particular time, and there is nothing worse than arriving to find huge crowds and long lines. Even if you did purchase travel delay coverage, this generally only applies to flight-related delays. Travelers who miss a flight due to traffic on their way to the airport, long TSA lines or late check-in will not have coverage through their travel insurance. The simple solution is to get to the airport early. If you find yourself with extra time, then enjoy a meal at an airport restaurant, catch up on some work or settle in with a good book.


Stay organized. 

When traveling, especially during times when disruptions are more likely to occur, be sure to keep your documents in order. If you need to file a claim for reimbursement—whether it's through travel insurance, your credit card or your airline—you will need to provide proof of loss.

Squaremouth recommends keeping the following documents handy ahead of your trip to help you recoup any losses: 

  • Travel itinerary
  • All receipts for flights, accommodations and luggage items
  • Flight information and updates/communication from the airline
  • Travel insurance provider details and emergency assistance contact information


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